Volume Licensing

Volume licensing is a very complex process and every Educate-me.net sales consultant is trained on how to provide you with the maximum savings on your volume licensing. The way we do business is constantly evolving.  Some software is now being delivered on a cloud, you have software-as-a service (SoS) and complex and daunting task of ever changing maintenance plans are all contributing to very complex pricing plans. You need a partner that can navigate this world and ensure you are getting what you need without over spending.  Let us negotiate you next license price and make sure you are getting the maximum bang for your buck.
Why Us?
  • Licensing specialists assist in maximizing your technology budget
  • We take the hassle and head-ache out of understanding the complex process
  • Save time in navigating and understanding licensing programs
  • Volume discounts for as few as 5 copies
  • Faculty, staff and students can save on software for home-use

Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP)


What is the Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP)?

VIP is the subscription-based licensing program that gives your faculty, staff, and students access to Creative Cloud applications for design, web, video, and photography – all right on the desktop – plus seamless ways to share and collaborate through access to online services*.

Gain fast, easy access

It’s simple to sign up.  You just need to contact your Educate-me.net Sales Consultant and we can provide your faculty, staff, and students easy access to the latest creative apps and services.

License an individual or a computer

Named-user licenses provide individuals access to creative apps on an institution-owned computer, while device licenses are perfect for your classroom, computer lab, or training environment.

Buy only what you need

You can purchase the complete set of creative apps or just a single one, with or without services. To support institutions of all sizes, VIP has no minimum purchase requirement.

Always up to date

Licenses include updates to Creative Cloud apps as soon as they’re released, so your students and faculty will always have the latest creative tools and features. You decide when to deploy these updates to match your academic requirements.
*Services not available for device licenses.
Program details
Minimum initial purchase requirement None
Agreement term 1 year subscription
License type
  • Named-user licenses
  • Device licenses
Eligible products Creative Cloud for education
  • Complete membership plan
  • Single app membership plan
See our Licensing Overview for complete list of tools and services
Volume discount Transactional discounting (discount for orders of 50 seats or more)
Online enrollment Online enrollment through an Adobe Authorized Education Reseller
Access to feature releases Included
Web-based license tool Admin Console and Creative Cloud Packager
Region availability Worldwide**
**Not available in countries where laws or other restrictions prevent Adobe from offering the program.

Microsoft Licensing Options for Education

The Academic Volume Licensing program that is best for you depends on the size and type of your institution and how you want to acquire Microsoft licenses and Online Services. There are two types of programs: subscription and perpetual. Subscription licensing Subscription licensing gives you rights to use the products that you license—plus covered upgrades and downgrades—over the license period. Subscription licensing is great for institutions that want:
  • Access to the latest technology at the lowest upfront cost
  • The convenience of counting people or computers once per year
  • Easy compliance by knowing all users or computers are licensed for the year
  • Automatic Software Assurance coverage
Perpetual licensing In perpetual licensing programs, you purchase the software licenses, so your organization has rights to the software after the licensing term ends. Perpetual licensing is great for institutions that want:
  • To own their software licenses
  • Transactional-based purchases of licenses in specific quantities
  • Optional Software Assurance coverage


The following types of educational entities are typically eligible to purchase through Microsoft Academic Volume Licensing programs:
  • Educational institutions
  • Administrative offices and boards of education
  • Public libraries and museums
Eligibility may vary by geography, please contract your Educate-me.net Sales Consultant for more information.

Program Comparison

Compare your options to find the right licensing program for your institution.

Enrollment for Education Solutions

School Enrollment

Open License for Academic

Select Plus for Academic

Program type and term length

Agreement/enrollment term 1 or 3 years 1 or 3 years 2 years none

Institution type

Primary and secondary schools and districts
Higher education

Institution size

5–249 computers
250+ computers
5+ full-time equivalent (FTE) employees or students
1,000+ FTE employees or students

Software Assurance


Sales channel

Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) 1000+ FTE employees or students
Authorized Education Reseller (AER) 5+ FTE employees or students

Buy or Renew

Ready to buy or renew licenses or Online Services through an Academic Volume Licensing agreement?

Call us at 877-791-4550 or email us at sales@educate-me.net.

Cyber Acoustics AC-204 Stereo Headset with Y-adapter

Cyber Acoustics AC-204 Headset
We know many of our clients are looking for headsets for the PARCC testing and the AC-204 is the perfect match! Slick, comfortable, and awesome quality the AC-204 analog stereo headset is a great choice for anyone doing Voice Over IP and gaming. Bring your ears to attention with the AC-204’s 30mm dynamic drivers. The adjustable, over the head design fits comfortably on any head size, and the flexible, noise-cancelling boom mic’s 180-degree rotation gets the job done, no matter your preference. Comfort is no issue with the AC-204’s soft, leatherette ear pads. With a 4 barrel 3.5mm plug, the AC-204 works with most smartphones, mp3 players, the iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, and Netbooks. The 4 barrel plug allows the microphone and headphones to work through one jack. Listen in style. – Voice recognition certifiedCyber Acoustics AC-204 Headset – DNCT4: Direct Noise Canceling Microphone Technology – 180 degree microphone – Leatherette ear pads – Adjustable boom arm – Ambidextrous design (wear on right or left side) For additional information, bulk pricing or to place an order please email sales@educate-me.net or talk with your Educational Consultant Purchase Orders can be faxed directly to: 973-244-1120

PARCC Headset Requirements

Many of our schools has asked us if the PARCC requires headsets.  Here is an exerpt from the February 2014 PARCC update. TECHNOLOGY GUIDELINES FOR PARCC ASSESSMENTS | VERSION 4.0 – February 2014 UPDATE Taken from page 11
  • Headphones/earphones/ear buds are only required for English Language Arts/Literacy testing sessions, not
    mathematics testing sessions (except for students who need them for accommodations such as text to
  • Microphone Requirements
    • Microphones will be required in 2016-1017 for the Speaking and Listening testing session.
We have found the Cyber Acoustics AC-204 headset works well for this.  If you need headsets for your school please contact us as 877-791-4550 or sales@educate-me.net

Adobe Creative Cloud

We wanted to make sure all of our clients knew about the Adobe Creative Cloud announcement and how it will affect your CLP and TLP licenses. Two years ago, Adobe announced that Creative Cloud was our singular platform for all innovation for creative professionals, and that Creative Suite 6 was our last planned perpetual software release. Since then, nearly 3.5 million paid members have joined Creative Cloud and are experiencing the benefits of continuous feature updates and real time innovation as it becomes available. Adobe is furthering their commitment to deliver software innovation to creative professionals and the education community exclusively through Adobe Creative Cloud. As of February 28, 2015, Adobe will no longer offer Creative Suite 6 through the Cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) or the Transactional licensing Program (TLP) for education customers. This change was already made for the commercial and government segments in May of 2014. CS6 products will remain available for purchase as electronic download on Adobe.com. However, these will be individual credit card purchases requiring individual serial numbers, and our expectation is that customers will instead move to Creative Cloud. Acrobat and other Adobe products will continue to be available through the CLP and TLP licensing programs. For more information on how to make your educational purchases on the Cloud contact your Educate-me.net Consultant or email us at sales@educate-me.net