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dare_to_innovate_Scaled_for_Web is teaming up with Bloxx at the 2015 Massachusetts Computer Using Educators and Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents Annual Technology Conference. Stop by Booth #326  to learn about how Bloxx can help your eSafety and web filtering needs.  Our filtering experts will also be on hand to provide live demonstrations of the Bloxx solution in action. Bloxx to present alongside Worcester Public schools In addition to exhibiting, Bloxx has a dedicated speaking slot, which is being co-hosted by Bob Walton, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), at Worcester Public Schools. This large School District is embedded firmly into the City of Worcester’s community and provides educational services to 25,000+ students across 50 different locations. Bob is a highly experienced CTO and has had to carry out the rigorous process of identifying, trialing and implementing Web Filtering solutions countless times. He has kindly offered to share this knowledge, and provide key points on what to look for, with the MassCUE audience. There will be a full case study from Worcester highlighting the challenges faced when purchasing a web filter, and the benefits gained since implementation of their Bloxx solution. You can still register for the show for free, here.

Math Lesson #1

New Term, New Students, New Devices, New Online Risks….

Math Lesson #1

The summer vacation is a time for a relaxing break, however across the 7-week breather the web has done anything but relax. Based on an average day online, it’s thrown up a whole host of new threats. Here at Bloxx we set ourselves a little Math homework and our research has concluded that during the holidays the wonderful World Wide Web has produced:
  • 10,160,640 new Anonymous Proxies
  • Over 7 million hrs of new YouTube video
  • Over 232 billion pieces of Facebook content
  • Almost 3 billion Google searches
(And we can only speculate that a high % of this will be wildly inappropriate for your students, not to mention illegal) The staggering figures are another key example as to why data base filters are no longer fit for purpose to keep pace with the evolution of the web… And it really doesn’t take a Math genius to calculate that using a legacy (or database driven) method of filtering the web,  coupled with students spending growing amounts of time online, and consuming more and more content equates to increased risk.. Can you guarantee that your web filter ready to combat the 10,160,640 new Anonymous Proxy sites that have sprung up over the holiday period? And if not, where does leave you in regards to Compliance? Moreover, is your infrastructure and online security ready for all the new smartphones, watches and any other new, shiny connected devices students may be bringing with them this term? Here at Bloxx, we use patented Tru-View Technology (TVT) to safeguard learning and deliver zero second protection. Want to find out how our innovative technology works (oh and did we mention it currently helps secure 800 million devices across the globe?). Then watch our 2 minute video. Be sure to revisit our blog to follow the Bloxx series of back to school blogs… Up next “Placing Compliance under the microscope, do you have an up-to-date AUP? Are you compliant?” Learn how you can empower learning with BYOD with our free eBook Or want to find out more about how Bloxx can safeguard your students? Book A Demo with one of Educate-me.nets web security experts now offering Bloxx

bloxx-MASTER-blue-logo is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Bloxx and will be selling and consulting on their full line of security products.

Why Bloxx?

Pioneering Tru-View Technology Technological innovation is what drives us. Whether it’s developing patented technologies or utilizing technological advances to better shape and deploy our solutions.bloxx_shield_full_trans The relentless and evolving online threat landscape, in which we all inhabit, is what underpins Bloxx’s earnest commitment to continuous Research & Development. A worthy commitment – given that our technology currently filters 800 million devices globally to deliver safe, collaborative and productive learning and working environments. Bloxx technology helps protect 800 million devices worldwide Bloxx Tru-View Technology (TVT), utilizes patented language analysis and intelligent identification techniques to perform real-time URL categorization to radically improve online protection and security.

Zero second protection

Bloxx TVT operates in real-time, 24/7 to deliver dynamic content analysis and categorization for ubiquitous web filtering.

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