Check Out DeskCabby From LapCabby!

DeskCabbyDeskCabby is ideal for tight spaces!

If you are in need of a space saving charging, syncing, and storage device that comes fully assembled and has a lifetime warranty- then look no further than DeskCabby!  DeskCabby is great for tight spaces and can store, charge, and sync up to 12 tablets vertically with or without protective casing. This product is great for those who are looking for a device that is the perfect size to be placed on a desktop. You can stack up to 3 DeskCabbys on top of one another for increases charging and syncing capabilities or simply use one to tidy up stray devices. The lockable rear door allows easy access to device cables (USB ports and cables) and keeps your desktop tidy and keeps all excess wires hidden from view. Since the cables can’t be removed from the front of the unit no cables will suddenly go “missing” or be “misplaced”. DeskCabby’s front lockable steel door is retractable when unlocked, allowing full access to devices.

Increased compatibility!

Not only is it compatible for tablets, it also accommodates any USB powered mobile device, including iPads, Android tablets and e-book readers, and connects using cables supplied with devices. Using Cambrionix U12S technology, DeskCabby allows you to simultaneously synchronize all your devices at once! You can sync your apps, media and usable content through things such as iTunes or Apple configurator from your office, home, or classroom.

Intelligent charging and secure firmware updates!DeskCabby

Easy to install firmware updates ensure your DeskCabby can charge and sync all the latest tablets, making it future proof. Intelligent charging ensures individual devices get the right amount of power, allowing you to store a mixture of tablet types, and charging to individual devices will shut off when they’re full. An awesome feature that comes with DeskCabby is its LED lighting system. LED lights show users their charging and syncing status (red when charging, green when fully charged, blue when syncing) and are still visible even when the perforated door is locked. To receive more information about this amazing product or to request a quote simply click here or call (877) 791-4550 and a representative will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have! To view even more LapCabby products visit us at