Cyber Acoustics AC-204 Stereo Headset with Y-adapter

Cyber Acoustics AC-204 Headset
We know many of our clients are looking for headsets for the PARCC testing and the AC-204 is the perfect match! Slick, comfortable, and awesome quality the AC-204 analog stereo headset is a great choice for anyone doing Voice Over IP and gaming. Bring your ears to attention with the AC-204’s 30mm dynamic drivers. The adjustable, over the head design fits comfortably on any head size, and the flexible, noise-cancelling boom mic’s 180-degree rotation gets the job done, no matter your preference. Comfort is no issue with the AC-204’s soft, leatherette ear pads. With a 4 barrel 3.5mm plug, the AC-204 works with most¬†smartphones, mp3 players, the iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, and Netbooks. The 4 barrel plug allows the microphone and headphones to work through one jack. Listen in style. – Voice recognition certifiedCyber Acoustics AC-204 Headset – DNCT4: Direct Noise Canceling Microphone Technology – 180 degree microphone – Leatherette ear pads – Adjustable boom arm – Ambidextrous design (wear on right or left side) For additional information, bulk pricing or to place an order please email or talk with your Educational Consultant Purchase Orders can be faxed directly to: 973-244-1120