PC Modules – Clear Touch 6000 Series

Clear Touch PC Module 6000 Series

Advance the Power of Your Interactive Panel

Clear Touch Interactive panels offer three levels of PC modules for enhancing the power of your interactive panels. Choose from an INTEL® CORE™ i5 Ultra HD or INTEL® CORE™ i7 with Ultra HD. You can purchase your panel with a PC Module or upgrade down the road.


Intel® Core™ i5 & Ultra HD Display


Offering powerful processing optimized for multimedia applications.


High speed memory provides responsive experience


High speed storage for rich multimedia content


Ultra HD Display Delivering 2160p Resolution


Intel® Core™ i7 & Ultra HD Display


Offering powerful processing optimized for business applications.


High speed memory provides responsive experience


Expanded memory for running multiple applications


Ultra HD Display Delivering 2160p Resolution

Educate-me.net will be at TECHSPO on January 26-27 at Harrah’s Waterfront Conference Center

Techspo 2017    

Win an Epson 595Wi Projector

When you saying hi, don’t forget to fill out an entry form to have a chance to win a Epson 595Wi Interactive Projector!

That’s a $2,399 value and would make a nice addition to any classroom.

If you are planning to attend TECHSPO 2017 stop by booth 300 and say Hi.  Educate-me.net will be showing you some of the latest in IT and A/V with products from Epson, Lenovo, Microsoft, Clear Touch, Avid and Andrea.  See how Educate-me.net can be your IT partner in the 21st Century Classroom. This years Keynote Speaker will be Matt Beaudreau                 Matt is a Millennial who has a reputation as a leader in his own generation. He was a featured speaker at TEDx and named corporate trainer of the year at Stanford University. Matt has provided professional development training to over 10,000 people across the U.S. Matt’s background as a professor, athletic director, school administrator and Millennial keynote speaker make him a powerful communicator for bridging the generations. For the first time in history, four generations are working side by side—and a fifth generation is on the way. Each generation brings different strengths, values and communication styles to the workplace. These differences can be challenging or a strategic opportunity depending on how leaders respond.  In Crossing the Generational Divide, Matt Beaudreau entertainingly reveals each generation’s workplace mindset and strengths. He shares surprising statistics, laugh-out-loud stories, and frontline-tested strategies that quickly drive results across generations. Attendees leave motivated to act with ready-to-use tools they can apply immediately.

Promethean ActivBoard 6 Touch 88D System – Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Choose From 3 Configurations including Wall Mounted, Fixed Stand, and Adjustable Stands. All of Promethean’s interactive whiteboards come with our award-winning software to create an engaging and interactive learning experience in the classroom.

While Supplies Last

Expires 12/30/2016

I Want One


Wall Mount ActivBoard 88” 6 Touch UST Projector & Wall Mount




BUY 2 GET 1 FREE End user price $6,094



Fixed Stand ActivBoard 88” 6 Touch UST Projector & Fixed Stand

BUY 2 GET 1 FREE End user price $7,894


Adjustable Stand ActivBoard 88” 6 Touch UST Projector & Adjustable Stand

BUY 2 GET 1 FREE End user price $9,494

For more information or to place an order call your Promethean Sales Representative at 877-791-4550

Terms and Conditions: The promotional pricing applies to qualifying orders received November 28, 2016 through close of business December 30, 2016 (PST). The IWB Clearance 2016 Promotion offers pre K-12 customers in the United States and the District of Columbia (PreK-12 customers in U. S. Territories are not eligible to participate) the opportunity, subject to the terms and conditions described herein, to purchase three (3) ActivBoard 6 Touch 88D Systems at the following reduced prices listed above.  Minimum three (3) ActivBoard 6 Touch 88D Systems per purchase in order to receive promotional pricing (subject to the terms described herein, unlimited quantities available at promotional pricing while supplies last).  ActivBoard 6 Touch 88D Systems must be ordered in increments of three (3). By way of example, an eligible customer who orders 10 ActivBoard 6 Touch 88D Systems will receive the promotional pricing only for nine (9) ActivBoard Systems (3 sets of 3 Systems each = 9 Systems at promotional pricing).  The remaining IWB will be priced/sold at regular price without the promotional offer.  Offer is not available with special bid pricing or volume pricing. Offer is not transferable and may not be combined with any other offer from Promethean. Offer is not redeemable for cash, and may not be used for credit on previous orders. No product exceptions or substitutions allowed and no quantity exceptions allowed. Offers do not include shipping, installation, or applicable taxes. Offer available only while supplies last and Promethean reserves the right to change, modify, or discontinue the Offer at any time and without notice.

ActivPanel Pick 6


#1 Interactive Flat Panel in U.S. Schools

The award-winning ActivPanel is a tablet-like surface for the front of the modern classroom.

Purchase 6 ActivPanels and pick…



 ActivPanel Pick 6 Back-to-School Kickoff promotion is available to preK-12 customers in the United States and the District of Columbia. (U.S. territories not eligible) Offer is only applicable on orders with a minimum of (6) 70” ActivPanel units. For every 6 units of 70” ActivPanels purchased at a reduced price, in a single order, purchasers in the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia can choose between two options: 1 (6 hour) day of Professional Development OR 6 ActivPanel Mobile Stands.  The Professional Development option is not available to purchasers in Alaska and Hawaii, therefore the offer in those states is for every 6 ActivPanel units purchased, the customer is entitled to 6 ActivPanel Mobile Stands at a reduced price. Eligible customers can choose to receive all stands with their purchase or a combination of stands and days of Professional Development, however, a maximum 3 full days of Professional Development can be earned per customer regardless of the number of ActivPanels ordered. Additionally, ActivPanels must be ordered in increments of 6 so an eligible customer who orders 11 ActivPanels will only get 1 day of Professional Development or 6 stands. By way of example only, if an eligible customer purchases 40 ActivPanel Units, the customer can choose up to 3 days of Professional Development so the remaining benefit under the promotion would entitle the customer to 18 stands.  Alternatively, the customer could choose less days of Professional Development which would correspond to the customer receiving more stands. Promotional pricing and bundle offer applies to qualifying orders received August 24, 2016 through close of business PST December 2, 2016. If an eligible customer chooses Professional Development days with their purchase, they must be scheduled AND used by May 1, 2017 or it will be forfeited by the customer.  The Professional Development Day delivery date is subject to availability of Promethean Education Consultants. All Professional Development delivery days must be scheduled with a minimum of 10 days’ notice to Promethean for travel purposes.  Each Professional Development Day shall have no more than18 participants per session.  Each day shall consist of 6 hours of Professional Development.  The full six hours must be used in one day and will not be split into multiple days. Additional days requested require consultation with your Solution Sales Executive and are subject to additional cost.  Offer is not available with special bid pricing or volume pricing. Offer is not transferable and may not be combined with any other offer from Promethean. Offer is not redeemable for cash, and may not be used for credit on previous orders. No product exceptions or substitutions allowed and no quantity exceptions allowed. Offers do not include shipping, installation, or applicable taxes. Offer available only while supplies last and Promethean reserves the right to change, modify, or discontinue the Offer at any time and without notice.

Interested in Learning More or Requesting an On-Site Demo? Tell us about yourself and we’ll be in touch

Educate-me.net announces new reseller partnership with PCS Edventures!

Fairfield, New Jersey, July 7th, — Educate-me.net a leading provider of technology and educational programs today announced they will now represent PCS Enventures STEM products effective immiadelty. Educate-Me.net, founded in 1990, is a leading multi-channel software/hardware marketer to the K-12 academic markets, which include faculty, staff, educational institutions and public school districts.  The have offices in New Jersey and South Carolina, Educate-Me.net services schools and districts primarily on the East Coast including New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. PCS Edventures! Inc., (PCSV) a leading provider of K-12 Science and Engineering (STEM) programs and leader in the design and manufacturing of precision technology for drone racing and robotics for the K-12 market. Dahlton Grover, Channel Partner Development for PCS Edventures! said “Educate-Me.net is a perfect fit for us as they provide hardware and software solutions to schools that can be greatly enhanced by our products.  For example, they are a major Chromebook vendor and our robotics development group is planning to release a Chromebook version of our educational robotics package this quarter.  We will have one of the few Chromebook robotics solutions available now on the market!” Mark Menzella, Educate-Me.net Vice President, said of the agreement, “We have been receiving many inquiries from our sales people regarding STEM education solutions.  Our intention is to provide these exciting products to our customers by bundling or recommending add-ons to our existing hardware and software solutions.  Our company was thrilled when we found PCS Edventures! and we have already begun working on our back-to-school program launch to include this exciting new STEM lineup.” About Educate-me.net Educate-me.net is a Fairfield, New Jersey company that provides IT technology and technology-rich products and services for the K-12 market. Educate-me.net provides the K-12 market with products and services as well as consulting and professional development. Additional information on is available at http://www.educate-me.net.

Robotic device allows student to rejoin the classroom

Double from Double Robotics gives you a physical presence at school when you can’t be there in person.  double robotics Double is being used in higher education in many ways, including building hybrid classrooms with both online and in-person students, to enable professors to continue teaching when they move out of state, and even in library services for giving remote tours and showcasing innovative technology. Bringing the rich learning environment of a classroom to a homebound or hospitalized student can be very difficult. Double enables the remote student to join the classroom in realtime, interact with other students one-on-one, and participate in group discussion. The telepresence robot is a revolutionary tool for homebound students. Double is helping to save school districts tens of thousands of dollars in their Professional Development budgets. Through partnerships with service providers, like Lindamood-Bell and TinyEYE Therapy Services, experts can join the classroom remotely, while maintaining a mobile presence. The remote expert no longer wastes time driving around the district or flying around the country. You can get more PD for your budget or re-allocate that budget to other learning activities. Double Robotics helped Eric Tuthill, an 18 year old student suffering from dysautonomia. Eric’s dysautonomia — also known as autonomic neuropathy — often forces him to stay at home. The vibrations from the short drive from his Lake Ann home to Traverse City can create side effects that last more than a week. His mother, Julianne Tuthill, assesses the risks every time they leave the house. The family seized the opportunity when TBAISD’s assistive technology team suggested using Double 2 Telepresence Robot to all Eric to attend school while at home.  Read the full story here. To get more information or pricing for your district please contact Educate-me.net today.

Double Robotics

Educate-me.net will be at the NCCE Convention in Seattle February 25th & 26th

NCCE 2016 If you are planning to attend NCCE 2016 “YOUR TECH SAVVY ADVENTURE AWAITS” stop by booth 630 and join us at the LapCabby booth.  Educate-me.net will be showing you how LabCabby can help you with all of your portable storage and charging needs.  Along with our White Glove Chromebook and Laptop program Educate-me.net can provide you with a complete 1:1 deployment. NCCE2016 is the largest Ed-Tech Conference in the Northwest. Take your pick from hundreds of sessions and workshops, three full-day summits, and get lost in the exhibit hall with hundreds of exhibiting vendors.

Keynote Speakers at NCCE2016:

Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling memoir WILD, the bestselling advice essay collection TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS, the novel TORCH, and the quotes collection, BRAVE ENOUGH. Her books have been translated into forty languages around the world. WILD was chosen by Oprah Winfrey as her first selection for Oprah’s Book Club 2.0. The Oscar-nominated movie adaptation of WILD stars Reese Witherspoon as Cheryl and Laura Dern as Cheryl’s mother, Bobbi. The film was directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, with a screenplay by Nick Hornby. Strayed’s essays have been published in The Best American Essays, the New York Times, the Washington Post Magazine, Vogue, Salon, The Sun, Tin House, and elsewhere. Strayed is the co-host, along with Steve Almond, of the WBUR podcast Dear Sugar Radio, which originated with her popular Dear Sugar advice column on The Rumpus.

Kevin Honeycutt

Kevin grew up in poverty and attended school in many cities across the United States. As he witnessed education around the country he collected powerful experiences that still influence his conversations and his work with educators. He spent 13 years teaching art K-12 in public school and for 17 years spent summers leading creative adventure camps for kids of all ages. In 1991 he received the Making IT Happen Award which is an internationally recognized awards program for educators and leaders in the field of educational technology integration in K–12 schools. The program identifies and rewards educational technology leaders around the world for their commitment and innovation. Kevin has developed online safety, anti-bullying and cyber-bullying curriculum which he shares with parents, teachers and students around the country. He certifies instructors in this curriculum and supports trainers as they go out and do this important work. His recent book, Don’t Stay Under The Couch Starbuck and The Bully is the centerpiece of his Pre-K-6 curriculum. He continues to work with schools to develop innovative, engaging curriculum to better prepare learners for the world they will face when they graduate. He is passionate about meeting the needs of at-risk learners and works with kids in juvenile detention, developing approaches to re-engage the “lost” learner. Kevin travels the country and the world speaking at conferences and working with educators at the grassroots level and likes to promote a “tradigital” approach to education.    

Introducing UniCabby By LapCabby!

UniCabby is one of LapCabby’s newest additions! Now-a-days there are so many devices available to students and teachers- it makes sense to get a universal storage and charging device. With UniCabby you can store and charge devices up to 14 inches including laptops, chromebooks, netbooks, and tablets, which all fit perfectly with out without protective cases. UniCabby comes in two sizes: a 20H and a 32H. Each shelf has a cleverly integrated cable management system which neatly stores and clips any device cable. Using specially designed and UniCabbymolded cable clips, Unicabby keeps cables secured at 5 points. UniCabby is fitted with Power 7 Energy Management System and automatically cuts-off when devices are fully charged. UniCabby ensures robust protection, a smaller footprint, and a secure and mobile experience. You don’t have to limit your mobility any longer! With UniCabby users can have perfectly charged devices-no matter what their device is.Comprehensive safety testing meets the highest worldwide standards, certifying the most secure safety features available. All LapCabby products are built from scratch and are designed and manufactured in-house. With every LapCabby purchase comes a lifetime warranty. What you see is quite literally what you get! LapCabby products come fully assembled and ready to use! UniCabby is a great addition to any classroom or library setting!

LapCabby Charging Solutions

Introducing Locka by LapCabby!

A great new product was just released by LabCappy! Locka is LapCabby’s new range of durable ICT storage solutions that enable users to store laptops, tablets, chrombookes, or a mix of all Locka-BYOD-1to1-Combinationthree! Locka creates a secure, central ‘hub’ for your devices and allows a safe place for charging and storage. The Locka can be used in numerous different ways such as: mounted to the wall (wall hanging fittings come supplied with each unit), set on top of a table, or even stacked on one another on the floor- creating as much storage as you require! Locka can hold up to 8 tablets, chromebooks, or laptops per device, with or without protective cases. Locka’s silent and simultaneous charging automatically shuts off when devices are fully charged. Labcappy promises a lifetime warranty and free shipping! Locka comes fully assembled and ready for use for easy and rapid setup. The 1:1 solution with key lock availability ensures a secure charging experience for BOYD (bring your own device). Lock codes are also available for users for who want an even more individualized experience. All LapCabby products are built from scratch and are designed and manufactured in-house. With every LapCabby purchase comes a lifetime warranty. What you see is quite literally what you get! LapCabby products come fully assembled and ready to use! Locka is a great addition to any classroom or library setting! For pricing and release information please contact us.

LapCabby Charging Solutions

12 Reasons To Love LapCabby

LapCabby Charging Carts

Looks great, works hard, costs less…

LapCabby carts are cleverly designed to be the best on the market. Innovative ventilation keeps devices cool even when the cart is locked. All LapCabby carts also feature the revolutionary Power7 Timer which provides energy saving power management. This device allows for money-saving economy charging, daytime charging, and 7 programmable custom charging schedules so teachers can tailor charging to their daily lesson plans and always have devices that are ready to be used. Additionally all LapCabby carts are secured with a dual point locking system to keep doors secure. These carts also incorporate safety features like concealed electrical compartments, rounded corners and heavy duty locking wheels. No matter the device – They have a product to charge, sync, secure and transport them. Laptops,Chromebooks, Tablets, BYOD, 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 – they have you covered! What you see is what you get – There feature rich products come fully assembled and quite literally ready to roll. Lifetime warranty –  On every LapCabby purchase – they know design and build quality in unsurpassed (2 years on electronics)! Rapid delivery times – There global network of partners spans 44 countries and all major continents – meaning no matter where you are we can get your LapCabby to you. Fast. Free Shipping – Our prices really are ‘all inclusive’. Friendly service – We love the education channel, a matter of fact, that is all we do, work with schools! More than just a standard charging cart! Innovative charging – There technology enables you to program charging times and there solutions will never overcharge and are smart enough to notice when the device is fully loaded. Heat – Did we mention most units have a heat sensor built in and will shut down if the temperature is too high. Smart syncing – There products allow you to sync and charge devices – ensuring you always have updated, fit for purpose technology at your fingertips. Gold standard in safety– All LapCabby products are rigorously tested to the very highest global standards. They test every single component from the wheels to the electrics to the handles. Feature rich yet stylish – Who doesn’t like a bit of color? There designs are what catches the eye and most carts are available in a range of colors. For more information on complete line of LapCabby Carts click here For special educational pricing or a brochure click here Or feel free to give us a call 877-791-4550.

LapCabby – An International Case Study


‘LapCabby has proved a hit with both pupils and staff’TabCabby16H-Compact-Open

Gavin Roberts, network manager at Hilbre High School Humanities College, said: “We needed somewhere safe and tidy to store our laptops so we began looking at the range of carts on the market, to find the most cost-effective and resilient solution.” “The first thing that struck me about the LapCabby was its value for money. The product was as feature-rich, robust and secure as products costing two or three times its price. The LapCabby has proved a hit with both the pupils and staff and will be a permanent fixture in the classroom for many years to come.” Read the full story here For more information or special educational pricing on LapCabby click here.

BoardShare Black Friday/Cyber Monday Super Deals – Save $50

If you are looking to replace your SmartBoards but need a compact, portable and affordable solution, BoardShare might be just what you are looking for.
  • Transform any hard surface or LED/LCD TV into a virtual interactive whiteboard.boardshare
  • Create and toggle between hundreds of notes, documents, and presentations.
  • Use an array of tools including virtual pens, erasers, highlighters, and colors.
  • Move objects and/or re-size them rather than erasing and re-creating.
  • Save your work on your computer and digitally share it with others or work on it later.
  • Access files from your computer or the web and annotate directly on them.
  • Interact in real-time with remote teams using existing web conferencing tools.
  • Move from one location to another and create a virtual intelligent whiteboard almost anywhere!

Single units retail for just $349 but get your P.O. in by 3pm EST on 11/30/2015 and you’ll save $50, plus you can also take 20% off all accessories.  Larger quantities please call your Educate-me.net Sales Partner first.