Introducing Locka by LapCabby!

A great new product was just released by LabCappy! Locka is LapCabby’s new range of durable ICT storage solutions that enable users to store laptops, tablets, chrombookes, or a mix of all Locka-BYOD-1to1-Combinationthree! Locka creates a secure, central ‘hub’ for your devices and allows a safe place for charging and storage. The Locka can be used in numerous different ways such as: mounted to the wall (wall hanging fittings come supplied with each unit), set on top of a table, or even stacked on one another on the floor- creating as much storage as you require! Locka can hold up to 8 tablets, chromebooks, or laptops per device, with or without protective cases. Locka’s silent and simultaneous charging automatically shuts off when devices are fully charged. Labcappy promises a lifetime warranty and free shipping! Locka comes fully assembled and ready for use for easy and rapid setup. The 1:1 solution with key lock availability ensures a secure charging experience for BOYD (bring your own device). Lock codes are also available for users for who want an even more individualized experience. All LapCabby products are built from scratch and are designed and manufactured in-house. With every LapCabby purchase comes a lifetime warranty. What you see is quite literally what you get! LapCabby products come fully assembled and ready to use! Locka is a great addition to any classroom or library setting! For pricing and release information please contact us.

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