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For twenty years LapCabby has been developing innovative products that their customers love. They make portable (and static) storage carts and charging solutions for laptops, tablets, e-readers, Chromebooks and netbooks. They’re the smart way to keep your equipment safe, charged, and in one secure place.LabCabby Charging Carts

Developed over two decades with the help of customers and technology users, they have included some really ingenious features to ensure their products do everything you need them to – and a little more. These carts are used everywhere, from schools, libraries and museums to restaurants and even laboratories, so wherever you are our IT storage solutions are sure to make a difference.

Safety is very important, these carts are more than just a storage and power strip.  LapCabby takes testing very seriously and never releases a product unless it’s fully tested to the highest standards. By thoroughly testing everything both parts and as a whole, they know you will always receive a safe and reliable product.

LapCabby carts and gadgets share the same clever technology and thoughtful little extras. That’s why there are so many happy customers across the world.

All LapCabby products have a lifetime warranty with the exception of the electronics, they have a 2 year warranty.

Did we mention shipping dock to dock is free!

LapCabby Lyte 32 SingleTabCabby Charge & Sync