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ActivBoard Touch

The ActivBoard Touch combines multi-touch functionality, a dry-erase surface and award-winning software to foster a truly interactive learning experience. It provides teachers with a wide range of tools to support their daily instruction while respecting tight budgets.

The World at Your Fingertips

ActivBoard Touch enables up to six students to work together simultaneously using multi-touch gestures, including swipe, pinch and zoom. Add the digital pen accessory to write, annotate and hover in addition to performing typical touch-screen commands. The multi-touch functionality and digital pen coupled with Promethean’s award-winning interactive software creates an engaging learning experience for students.
  • Intuitive & versatile Move from finger to stylus interaction to suit the needs of the lesson or the whim of the moment. Just grab the magnetic stylus off the ActivBoard or ready your finger.
  • Premium pen interaction Add the digital pen accessory for a natural writing and navigation experience, including the capability to track student contributions by assigning different ink colors.
  • Dry-erase surface The ActivBoard Touch system creates a flexible instructional tool that can be used for every occasion in the classroom.
  • A cost-effective choice ActivBoard Touch combines six-touch capability, interactive software, and a dry-erase surface while respecting tight budgets.

ActivBoard Touch Models / Sizes

ActivBoard Touch is available in 78” or 88” sizes (4:3 and 16:10 aspects).
  • Options:
    • Mount System: The Promethean Mount System is compatible with the 78″ and 88” ActivBoard Touch. The Mount System includes a choice of Ultra Short Throw or Short Throw Projector.
    • Adjustable System: The Promethean Adjustable System is compatible with the 88” ActivBoard Touch. The Adjustable System includes a choice of Ultra Short Throw or Short Throw Projector.
    • Mobile System: The Promethean Mobile System is compatible with the 78″ and 88” ActivBoard Touch. The Mobile System is compatible with the Ultra Short Throw Projector.
  • Multi-User Capability: Multi-user capability on ActivBoard Touch is dependent upon the application software and operating system used. Within multi-user applications like Promethean’s ActivInspire software, Windows 7 and Windows 8, up to six users can work simultaneously.
  • Works With: ActivInspire, ClassFlow, ActivSoundBar, ActivExpression, ActiVote, ActiView
  • Connectivity: USB with supplied 3m (9ft) data cable.
  • Power: USB Powered
  • Operating Systems: Windows®, Mac OS®, and Linux®
  • Software: Access to ActivInspire Professional Edition Software is included. For links to download ActivInspire Professional Edition, please visit this page. To learn more about how ActivInspire Professional Edition Software can be used with third party products, please download this PDF.
  • Installation: Educate-me.net offers complete installation and Professional Development services.  Contact us for more information.
  • Warranty: 5-Year Return for Repair Warranty.

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