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ActivConnect G-Series

ActivConnect G-Series is an external, upgradeable Android™ powered processor that gives the ActivPanel tablet-like capabilities. Harness the power of teaching and learning apps to complement your interactive lessons.

A Tablet-Like Experience On Your ActivPanel

The ActivConnect G-Series combined with the Promethean ActivPanel allows you to access instructional apps instantly. Pull up an instant whiteboard to write or draw, use the web browser to search for information or deliver a ClassFlow lesson. Expand your learning resources by downloading other apps, games and content from any Android App Store to use on the ActivPanel.
Apps For Instruction
Apps For Instruction Launch any Android App Store to browse and download apps, games and other content to use on the ActivPanel.
Mirroring Made Simple
Mirroring Made Simple Promethean’s ActivCast™ App ensures you can connect Windows®, Mac OS®, iOS®, Chrome OS™ and Android™ to start mirroring.
Share & Interact With Multimedia Content
Share & Interact With Multimedia Content Use a connected mobile device to receive, send, draw, or interact with digital lesson content.
Wireless Presenting
Wireless Presenting Observe and intervene with individual work teams while mirroring lesson content from anywhere in the classroom using a mobile device.

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