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ActiView transforms any object or document into an interactive teaching tool with the ActiView visual presenter. With ActiView, the entire class can focus on even the smallest of details.


Share with the entire class

Learning becomes a more realistic, captivating experience with the ActiView visual presenter. Grab your students’ attention while examining and labeling cells in a biology lesson, manipulating a 3-D mathematical model, zooming in on a painting’s brushstrokes or collaboratively revising a student’s essay.  
Flexible goose neck design
Flexible goose neck design Easily adjust the camera and lamp to view delicate objects in vivid detail from infinite angles.
Versatile input mode
Versatile input mode Select from a variety of input modes, including photo, text, 35 mm slide, grayscale, microscope, etc.
Small & easily portable
Small & easily portable Lightweight in design, ActiView is easy to move around the room and share between classrooms—take it anywhere your lesson leads.
Video & recording options
Video & recording options With just one click, easily capture your day-to-day interactive lessons.

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