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AVerCharge C30i

Slim yet Strong

The C30i charging cart features a small footprint, but can accommodate 30 Chromebooks, laptops or tablets with up to a 15” screen. Intelligent charging automatically ensures all devices are safely and evenly charged. Slide-out shelves with extra-large slots add ease and convenience to device management.

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Compact Design

At only 27” wide, the C30i charging cart footprint is small without lacking in capacity. Able to charge up to 30 Chromebooks, Laptops, or tablets (up to a 15” screen), the C30i leaves more classroom real estate while managing your 1-to-1 devices.

Intelligent Charging

C30i charging cart monitors all 30 devices in groups of 10 and determines the best charging sequence. With no programming required, the C30i ensures safe and efficient charging for all devices saving time and money.

Slide-out Shelves

Slide-out shelves make placing and pulling devices easy, comfortable and safe. Eliminating the need to reach in, or pull devices out, the slide-out-shelves also reduce potential damage.

Extra-large Slot Design

At 1.34” wide by 15” deep, the C30i charging cart can accommodate most Chromebooks, laptops or tablets in most protective cases.

Easy Cable Management

The C30i charging cart includes an efficient cable management system that eliminates the “octopus” effect. Individual slots for power adaptors with wide space between outlets to accommodate most plug adaptors keeps cables clean and organized.

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