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Barracuda CudaEye

The Simplest Way to Protect Your Most Important Assets

CudaEye is a complete cloud-based video surveillance solution that captures high quality video images in almost any situation and records it directly to Barracuda’s secure cloud. The video is automatically encrypted and can be viewed from any web browser or mobile device.

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Product DiagramNo Software, DVR, NVR or Headaches!
Plug a CudaEye camera in and it automatically connects to the service and starts working, without network or camera configuration. With no special hardware or software to install, CudaEye is the fastest and simplest path to on-premises security.
  • Includes cameras, mounts, online video storage
  • Zero-configuration: Just plug the cameras into any broadband Internet connection
  • Video is encrypted before it’s sent to the cloud
  • View video from any web browser or mobile device

Feature-Rich Motion-Sensitive IP Cameras Automatically Capture Only What Is Important

CudaEye cameras capture video when something happens, and ignore hours of nothing. For each video segment, object based motion tracking captures a key image. The image shows you what the video segment is about without even watching the video. We call the combination an IntelEvent™, and they are a key part of how CudaEye works. IntelEvents™ make CudaEye fast and easy to use even over low bandwidth connections. Like thumbnails on your computer, you find what you are looking for by scanning small images. When you have narrowed your selection, you review the video with a single click.

Capture High Quality Images In Any Lighting – Even in the Dark

CudaEye cameras deliver great images in almost any situation. The ultra-wide dynamic range sensor provides great images in even the toughest day time lighting situations. A built-in IR Exchanger and B&W extended exposure night mode provides solid low light performance. With an external IR Illuminator, CudaEye cameras can see in the dark. More importantly, CudaEye cameras are an integral part of the CudaEye service so you get real value from the video, not hours of wasted time.

Easy to Use and Extremely Affordable

CudaEye is not only affordable to purchase, it is affordable to own. To minimize future upgrade costs, CudaEye remotely manages and updates the cameras with ActiveSoftware so your camera is always up to date. Network bandwidth can be a significant, hidden cost to owning video surveillance systems. CudaEye utilizes Bandwidth Shaping™ to run on remarkably little bandwidth. For example, CudaEye cameras don’t chew up bandwidth sending multi-megabyte video clips in real-time. Instead, they only send image thumbnails immediately and store the video locally on a MicroSD Card. As bandwidth is available, or when you want to watch it, video is uploaded.

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