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BoardShare Base System



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BoardShare Key Product Features

  • Completely Portable – not fixed to a classroom or conference room wall; moves from room to room.
  • Small in size – fits easily into your pocket, purse, or briefcase.
  • Works on any flat writing surface: drywall, whiteboard, Flat screen TV.
  • Easy Setup – ready to use in less than a minute.
  • Access to 100’s of software based virtual whiteboards.
  • User-Friendly Technology.
  • 100’s of environmentally friendly virtual marker pens, erasers, shapes, colors, and thicknesses.
  • Innovative pen with a pop-up menu button for ease of access to frequently used whiteboard functions.
  • Access computer files or internet content and annotate on them.
  • No external power – camera powered by USB.
  • Versatile – designed for any classroom, office or training environment.
  • Works seamlessly with education, corporate, and training software.
BoardShare is a completely portable interactive technology tool that allows users to create their own personalized interactive whiteboard. By inviting users to draw, annotate or even surf the Web, BoardShare can turn any space into a collaborative workstation.BoardShare™ delivers portable smart board capabilities that enable interactivity and collaboration on any surface.
  • Transform any hard surface or LED/LCD TV into a virtual interactive whiteboard.
  • Create and toggle between hundreds of notes, documents, and presentations.
  • Use an array of tools including virtual pens, erasers, highlighters, and colors.
  • Move objects and/or re-size them rather than erasing and re-creating.
  • Save your work on your computer and digitally share it with others or work on it later.
  • Access files from your computer or the web and annotate directly on them.
  • Interact in real-time with remote teams using existing web conferencing tools.
  • Move from one location to another and create a virtual intelligent whiteboard almost anywhere!

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