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BrickLAB Flower Power + Brick Charades Cards

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As a powerful teaching tool or for a fun-time break activity, this pack includes over 3,000 vibrant colored bricks to bring the power of the flower to your classroom or after-school program!

Bring the Power of the Flower to Your Students Through Bricks!

Everybody LOVES building bricks. Completely compatible with all major building systems. Our newest BrickLAB packs are a great way to expand your primary BrickLAB, OR just bring some building fun to your students with these thrilling new colors. The new colors include purple, pink, teal and lime green in addition to more of your favorite BrickLAB primary elements in green, blue, orange, and brown! Elements include PINK, PURPLE, LIME GREEN AND TEAL 2×2, 2×3, and 2x4s; ORANGE AND BROWN 2X6s; GREEN and BLACK 2x8s; GREEN and BLUE 2x10s; and 8×16 baseplates in WHITE and BLUE! Package also includes a 10-gallon, classroom-sturdy tub for storage, brick separator and even a nylon mesh bag to facilitate running these flower-powerful manipulatives through the dishwasher after a full week of learning fun! Charades Cards-So popular in our camps – we decided to bundle them with the newest BrickLAB!  With these building charades cards, children can build with so many awesome things with legos or PCS Bricks.  Play charades with your friends or simply build, these cards are a great way to get into building.  The deck comes with 32 builds, 16 easy and 16 hard.  Kids of all ages have a blast when building with PCS Brick Charades. Flower Power up our classroom or after-school program today!!

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