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BrickLAB After-School Complete Set

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Overall, the BrickLAB After-School set is the perfect addition to any after-school program seeking to add diversity to their program! The primarily Project-Based Learning curriculum can be used in multiple ways to encourage student growth and creativity, or the bricks can be used in teacher-devised projects–the possibilities are endless with over 6,500 bricks on hand!

BrickLAB After-School Complete Sets Bricks naturally provide students of all ages a platform for creative and innovative thinking, which is why the ! Bricks provide opportunities for authentic discovery and collaboration, which PCS Edventures has combined with 12 unique units to develop a variety of topics. Designed to correlate with the national standards from the ITEEA (International Technology and Engineering Educators Association), which promote technological literacy, this series develops a true understanding of what technology is and how it is useful in society. For more information about the ITEEA technological literacy standards and how BrickLAB aligns, check out the alignment tab! The After-School BrickLAB set is different from the Classroom version because it allows more variation between grade levels. The set comes with activities for grades K-5, however these grade levels are more for recommendation and can be used at the discretion of individual teachers to accommodate different learning environments with a variety of student levels. Additionally, each kit comes with enough manipulatives to instruct up to 30 students at once! Grades: K-4 Students: Up to 30 Contact Hours: 24+ In the foreword of their document Standards for Technological Literacy, the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) describes the need for up and coming generations to have an understanding and appreciation of technology. The ITEEA wrote “we are a nation increasingly dependent on technology. Yet, in spite of this dependence, U.S. society is largely ignorant of the history and fundamental nature of the technology that sustains it. The result is a public that is disengaged from decisions that are helping share its technological future,” (2007). In response to this apparent need for technological literacy in today’s society, The PCS Edventures BrickLAB After-School set was developed specifically around the standards laid out by the ITEEA. The ITEEA began with a broad definition of what technology is: “technology is how people modify the natural world to suit their own purposes.” From there, they developed a set of age-appropriate standards, which outline what concepts should be instilled to develop a sense of technological understanding as students progress. Additionally, it is apparent that there is a vast difference between what technology education entails versus educational technology. Many schools utilize technology in education, but fail to dive into the origins of technology and how it developed with the human race and continues to evolve with us into the future. In response to this publication and its findings, PCS Edventures decided to develop a curriculum series which directly addressed the concerns laid out by the ITEEA. The BrickLAB After-School series starts with the scope of technology which leads to understanding the effects on the environment and the impact on society. From there, the series dives into various industries which utilize a variety of technologies such as engineering, energy, manufacturing, construction and more. With engaging Project-Based Learning activities, BrickLAB After-School instills a deep understanding of the world of technology! To read the entire ITEEA document about technological literacy: Standards for Technological Literacy: Content for the Study of Technology, Third Edition. (2007). Retrieved from http://www.iteea.org/TAA/PDFs/xstnd.pdf.

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