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ClassFlow Connect

ClassFlow Connect turns every classroom into a dynamic and collaborative environment through its built-in teaching and learning tools, including wireless mirroring and team-based collaboration apps. It introduces a variety of new ways to share, communicate and collaborate by enabling teachers to divide their interactive display into individual learning spaces for students to work together.

Wirelessly Share Content and Collaborate

ClassFlow Connect enables teachers and students to wirelessly mirror lesson content from mobile devices to the ActivWall or other interactive display for whole class viewing and interaction. Simultaneously mirror multiple devices on-screen to share thoughts and ideas. Students can use their connected mobile device to send, receive, or interact with digital lesson content.
Compatible With Classroom Devices
Compatible With Classroom Devices Connect Windows®, Mac OS®, iOS™, Chrome OS™ and Android™ all wirelessly to start mirroring.
Designed For Touch
Designed For Touch Launch the instant whiteboard or annotation tool to write or draw freely. Capture and save all annotations and notes.
Facilitate Team-based Collaboration
Facilitate Team-based Collaboration Divide the ActivWall or other interactive display into individual learning spaces for students to work together.
Deliver Real-time Assessments
Deliver Real-time Assessments Create instant polls to assess student understanding by sending questions to student devices.

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