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Discover Robotics & Physics

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The study of energy and motion instantly becomes a favorite of students with this project-based learning series! By incorporating robotics with the expansive subject area of physics, The Discover Robotics and Physics kit uses experiential projects to instill real-life knowledge. The kit has been expertly structured to support essential problem-solving and collaborative skills while students seek solutions to challenges. Students move through the curriculum series by employing the iterative design process to formulate and develop a deep understanding of the subject area.

By utilizing high-quality fishertechnik ® building manipulatives, any learning environment will have the ability to cater to students with different learning needs and speeds. As with all PCS Edventures developed curriculum, the overarching objective is to cultivate intrinsic motivation, deep conceptual foundations and a sense of intellectual empowerment–start the journey today with the Discover Robotics and Physics Kit!

Grades: 4-8 Students: 1-3 per Kit Contact Hours: 12+

LABCards Version: Grades 4-8 

What’s Included:

  • PCS Physics LABCards (4 Levels) w/poly-pocket sleeve for storage
  • Physics & Robotics build instructions
  • Advanced engineering building manipulatives from fishertechnik ®
  • Specialized PCS Robotic Controller – The Brain
  • The Brain™ & Cortex user guide
  • Compartmentalized Gratnell storage bin with lid

Different Options for Multiple Student Environments

Value Pack

The Discover Robotics & Physics Value Pack comes with five (5) individual kits, each of which is suitable for 1-3 students. To get most for your money, and your learning environment, choose the Value Pack! This bundle is perfect for small classrooms with up to 15 students, after-school programs, homeschool groups and more. Get your students programming with physics concepts today!

Classroom Set

The Discover Robotics & Physics Classroom Pack includes 16 individual kits, which are stored in a high-quality hardwood furniture unit with rolling casters. These furniture units are made specially to house these kits and are both beautiful and strong, designed for many years of use. Each kit, is meant to be used with 1-3 students, so the Classroom Pack can be utilized with groups of 16-48 students!

Available As LABCards Only

LABCARDSIn student-driven classrooms, after-school programs, or home learning environments, enable students to track their progress towards concept mastery with our LABCards point system! Each LABCard was formatted to include 2 project-based lessons, 2 challenges, and 1 final design project. Students earn 5 points for each card they successfully complete. Each level includes four 5-point cards and culminates with a 5-point end design project, for a total of 25 points per level. By completing all four levels, students can earn up to 100 points!With the use of the PCS LABCards, educators can take advantage of a differentiated instruction model where challenging concepts are broken down so that students can quickly master skills and move at their own pace towards a final performance task design project. Each LABCard is assigned a point value for quick and easy assessment of progress through each level and to provide students with immediate recognition of their accomplishments. The LABCard approach is intended to provide educators with a tool that enables a more student-directed experience. Educators are more empowered to provide more facilitation, coaching and mentoring as students work independently, in their own fashion. Almost all learning environments including after-school programs, clubs, and a wide variety of classroom models, can be supported using the LABCard model.

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