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Double Robotics Double 2 Telepresense Robot Bundle

Double 2 Full Set
Includes Double 2, Charging Dock, Audio Kit, and Camera Kit

Double gives you a physical presence when you cant be there!

What is a telepresense robot? With telepresense, users are now able to connect with others in a way we have never been able to do before. Forget about busy phone signals or fuzzy video call meetings. With a telepresense robot. courtesy of Double Robotics, Inc., you will be able to feel more connected to colleagues, clients, or employers by giving them a physical presence in the office, classroom, or conference room.


  • Product Height: 47′-59′, remotely adjustable
  • Product Weight: 14 lbs
  • Product Speed: Moderate walking pace
  • Smooth ride over thresholds, cords, and more
  • Maximum Slope (Ramp): 8% incline
  • Battery Time: Approximately 8 hours
  • Requires an iPad to use (not included)
  • Power drive up to 80% faster when driving in long hallways
  • Operating Environment: Indoor use ONLY

Case Studies:

School saves $75,000 with the help of a Double Dunseith Elementary North Dakota

Blended Learning / Hybrid Classroom

Colleges & Universities

Double is being used in higher education in many ways, including building hybrid classrooms with both online and in-person students, to enable professors to continue teaching when they move out of state, and even in library services for giving remote tours and showcasing innovative technology.

Homebound Students

Bringing the rich learning environment of a classroom to a homebound or hospitalized student can be very difficult. Double enables the remote student to join the classroom in realtime, interact with other students one-on-one, and participate in group discussion. The telepresence robot is a revolutionary tool for homebound students.

Professional Development and Remote Specialists

Double is helping to save school districts tens of thousands of dollars in their Professional Development budgets. Through partnerships with service providers, like Lindamood-Bell and TinyEYE Therapy Services, experts can join the classroom remotely, while maintaining a mobile presence. The remote expert no longer wastes time driving around the district or flying around the country. You can get more PD for your budget or re-allocate that budget to other learning activities.

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