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Google Expeditions VR Kit

Bring Your Lessons To Life

Imagine exploring coral reefs or the surface of Mars in an afternoon. With Expeditions, teachers can take students on immersive, virtual journeys.

Google Expeditions VR Kits

Introducing the Synnex Google Expeditions VR Kit.  Sold as a 10-pack, 20-pack, or 30-pack.  Includes the Magellan, the first purpose-built device for Google Expeditions.  This Android device was designed with students in mind to optimize the virtual reality playback and viewing experience at an unparalleled value, allowing for your students to experience all that Google Expeditions has to offer.  The ASUS Zenpad teacher tablet which allows for the teacher to guide their students through over 500 different expeditions addressing different points of interest by way of arrows and teacher prompts.  As well as, the Mattel deluxe viewers, the ASUS router, the quick phone chargers, and a custom rolling case.  This kit encompasses everything you need to facilitate the virtual reality experience.

Kits without cases and/or routers are also available as well as student add-on packs.  We can also build custom kits if needed.
Kits Contains:

10 Device Kit

  • 10 Mattel Deluxe Master Viewers
  • 10 Magellan Devices
  • 1 ASUS Zendpad 10″
  • 1 ASUS Wireless Router
  • 2 USB Quick Charging Stations (16 ports total)
  • 1 Custom Fit Rolling Case

20 Device Kit

  • 20 Mattel Deluxe Master Viewers
  • 20 Magellan Devices
  • 1 ASUS Zendpad 10″
  • 1 ASUS Wireless Router
  • 3 USB Quick Charging Stations (24 ports total)
  • 2 Custom Fit Rolling Cases

30 Device Kit

  • 30 Mattel Deluxe Master Viewers
  • 30 Magellan Devices
  • 1 ASUS Zendpad 10″
  • 1 ASUS Wireless Router
  • 4 USB Quick Charging Stations (16 ports total)
  • 3 Custom Fit Rolling Cases

*Google Expeditions app is pre-loaded on teacher device and student devices and is configured to the ASUS router.

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