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HoverCam Solo 8

The Solo 8 is perfect for:
  • Quick demonstrations and training
  • Show and tell
  • Lessons requiring a tablet or smartphone demonstration
  • Document / book scanning – saving trips to the office
  • Snapshots / photos
  • Augmenting Interactive White Boards
  • Recording student presentations or a “flipped” lesson
The HoverCam Solo 8 has a small weighted base (less than 12 in²) trim enough to sit comfortably on a desktop without taking much space and can be easily moved around the classroom. Only a USB cable is needed to power the Solo 8 from the computer – no more power cords, bulky power adapters or chunky VGA cables.
The HoverCam is the world’s first multi-functional document camera that has brought together four pieces of classroom equipment into one:
  • A document camera
  • A video recorder
  • An HD webcam
  • A full- fledged scanner
HoverCam document cameras are ready for use with interactive whiteboards right out of the box and include HoverCam Flex software, which is also compatible with IWB software. The HoverCam was designed to work with both PCs and Macs via a USB cable, just as an IWB connects to the computer via USB. The HoverCam is a computer peripheral without unnecessary AV connections that add cost and size.
Teachers can easily import HoverCam images into IWB software four ways:
  • Drag-and-drop any captured image from HoverCam’s software window into the IWB software
  • Utilize HoverCam’s Slingshot feature which will allow an image being shown by the HoverCam to be captured and inserted into the IWB software with just one click without having to leave the IWB
  • software
  • Utilize HoverCam’s Whiteboard Connector app to allow the HoverCam’s live streaming video to be displayed within the IWB software
  • Use the IWB software’s transparency feature to display HoverCam’s live video image inside the IWB without installation of any additional software, app or driver
The HoverCam Solo 8, designed with flipped learning and video recording in mind, solves all of those issues, and more teachers can use the Solo 8 and its pre- installed software bundle to record stunning, lag-free videos right out the box.
With Solo 8, teachers can expect:
  • Smooth, lag-free HD video recording above 24fps on virtually all PCs and Macs
  • Videos in either 720p or 1080p resolution
  • 100s of hours of video recording
  • All video recordings saved directly to their computer, with no long file transfer times
Instead of placing documents over a glass platen to use with a scan head, the HoverCam incorporated a top-down camera design to allow documents to be scanned from above. Unlike traditional document cameras designed to connect directly to projectors via VGA connectors and only able to take low-resolution photos, the new HoverCam Solo 8 is a USB computer peripheral equipped with a high-resolution 8-megapixel sensor and pre-installed scanning software.
Teachers can use the Solo 8 document camera and its software to:
  • Crop an image, straighten and scan directly into a single PDF
  • Scan at specified intervals using an auto-timer – for example, every three seconds
  • Utilize a motion-sensor that triggers scanning after a set number of seconds after motion is detected – for example placing a paper down in the scan area
  • Easily share documents (scans are about 1MB in size) through email, drag-and-drop into other programs and uploading to Dropbox and Evernote
  • Use a simple OCR – Optical Character Recognition – function that scans text from a document that can be edited and pasted into a Word document; Solo 8 is also compatible with leading OCR software packages such as ABBYY Fine Reader
    Read aloud, in selected computer voices, text that was scanned by using the text-to- speech function (which is great for language instruction)

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