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LapCabby Locka 1:1

Locka 1:1

LapCabby’s Locka 1:1 provides a central ‘hub’ for devices including Chromebooks, laptops and tablets up to 14″ – securing and charging multiple devices. For added security and safety, cables cannot be removed from the front of the unit, as they are stored away in the secure AC compartment, preventing cables from going missing or being damaged.

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Locka 1:1 features

  • Locka 1:1 secures and charges 8 laptop, Chromebook, tablet, hybrid devices up to 14” with or without protective cases
  • Secure 1:1 deployments with one locked door securing multiple devices
  • Original stacking and connecting components and wall hanging fittings supplied with each unit
  • Set the Locka up in a number of ways, wall-mounted, on a desktop or stacked together on the floor maximizing space
  • Original contoured LapCabby door design
  • No sharp front edges with LapCabby designed corner mouldings
  • Safely close and lock during charging, devices are kept cool with cleverly positioned natural ventilation vents

Standard LapCabby features

  • Locking mechanisms are on top to prevent broken keys, with a dual point locking system at the top and bottom of the door offering added security
  • Built from scratch with no off the shelf components. We design and mould all of the plastic components, so they are perfect for the job!
  • Rounded corner extrusions and rubber corner bumpers protect the unit, walls and devices when you’re on the move
  • Ergonomic coloured ABS handles make LapCabbys easy to get from place to place
  • Fully welded steel frame, robust rubber wheels, and a welded binding plate offer ultimate strength and ensure wheels won’t come loose or buckle
  • Fully welded mesh base and side vents allow constant air circulation, so no fan is required and devices charge in silence
  • Inset, coloured door handles prevent protruding parts
  • When unit is switched on, power strips boot up sequentially (1 second between each strip) to avoid a surge on the power supply
  • Power 7 power management system allows you to programme up to 21 different automatic charging schedules, 3 for each day of the week
  • IEC power cables plug into the mains and are designed to snap out if pulled away from the wall, preventing damage to the unit or any nasty trips
  • Delivered fully assembled, with no additional fixtures to pay for or fit
  • Lifetime warranty (2 years on electronics)
  • Safety tested to the highest level worldwide


Depth Width Height
Unit 23 3/8″ 18 1/2″ 23 3/8″
Compartment 14 7/8″ 10 5/8″ 2 1/8″

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