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Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS Orange Microscope

Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS Orange Microscope will be a perfect choice for a pupil who loves biology, as well as for a medical student for serious research. This model has many advantages: high-quality multi-coated optics, a wide range of magnification from 64x to 640x, ability to observe both transparent and opaque objects, and reliable body. Beginners will definitely appreciate the Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit that comes with the microscope. Moreover, Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS Orange Microscope stands out from other similar biological microscopes thanks to its beautiful and colorful design.

High-quality optics

A microscope’s image quality directly depends on the quality of optics. That’s why Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS Orange microscopes are made with only the highest quality materials. All lenses are made of a special optical glass – it is highly transparent and does not distort the image. The lenses are additionally coated with anti-reflective coating, which increases the percentage of transmitted light and, therefore, image brightness and contrast. The revolving nosepiece has three objectives producing 64x, 160x, and 640x magnification. In order to change magnification power, you need to switch objectives by rotating the nosepiece. The most powerful 40xs lens is equipped with a spring-loaded mechanism – fragile optical elements will be safe even when a non-experienced user lowers the objective too far and touches the sample with it.

Observing transparent and opaque samples

The microscope is equipped with two illuminators, upper and lower, allowing you to observe both opaque and transparent samples. In order to observe microorganisms in a drop of water or a plant cell structure, use the lower illumination. The upper lighting is used for viewing opaque objects – you can evaluate paper quality or detect invisible scratches and dents on coins. Semi-transparent objects should be observed with both upper and lower illumination. The brightness can be adjusted for the best possible view of a particular sample.

Well-thought-out design

The reliable metal body of the microscope allows for frequent use. The 45-degree inclined monocular head allows for most comfortable viewing position. It also rotates 360 degrees around its axis – this feature is really useful for group work. To power illumination, the microscope should be connected to a power source. If there is no power outlet nearby, you can use batteries – this is especially useful when conducting research outside.

Experiment set for beginning biologists

Levenhuk Rainbow 2L PLUS Orange Microscope would make a perfect gift for young amateur biologists, as the kit includes everything needed for their very first independent experiments. Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit includes ready-to-use slides, tools for making your own, helpful user guide that contains all necessary information about the microscope design, recommendations for its use, and interesting experiments.


  • Biological microscope with 64–640x magnification
  • Available in five bright colors
  • Sturdy and durable body made of metal
  • Upper and lower LED illumination systems
  • Experiment kit included

The kit includes:

  • Microscope
  • Objectives: 4x, 10x and 40xs
  • Eyepiece: WF16x
  • Stage with clips
  • Diaphragm disk
  • Condenser
  • Built-in upper and lower LED illuminations
  • AC adapter
  • 3 AA batteries
  • Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit
  • User manual and lifetime warranty

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