What is STEM and Why is it Important?

What is STEM?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Even outside the classroom, STEM is an essential part of our lives. Science is found everywhere. From why the sky is the color it is to what lurks beneath the ocean floor, science is a subject every student must tackle. Technology is continually growing and changing with every living day. With technology holding such an important part in medicine, commercial industry, and even education it is important for students to fully understand the basic aspects of technology before venturing out into the real world. Although engineering may not stem directly linked to your student’s life, it has expanded to must greater horizons than you may have thought. Engineering covers everything from building bridges to predicting future weather patterns. And lastly, mathematics is found no matter where you go. If your students strive to be accountants, or doctors, or even are inspired to follow in your footsteps and become educators, math is something that will follow close behind.

Why is STEM Important?

According to the U. S. Department of Commerce, STEM occupations are growing at 17%, while other occupations are growing at a mere 9.8%. Students who hold STEM degrees receive a higher salary than students who don’t. STEM careers fuel the regional economy. That being said, it is important to start them early. STEM is bridging the gap between ethnicity and gender because no matter your race or no matter your gender, STEM stays the same. STEM activities both inside and outside the classroom are a vital component to student’s education. Students must be taught by enthusiastic teachers using hands-on and minds-on activities and educational tools.

STEM Products

For example, students could utilize a product called Cublets. Cublets are robotic blocks that are a fast and easy way to inspire kids to become better thinkers. They encourage cooperative and group collaboration and are compelling reasons for mathematics, computational thinking, literacy, teamwork, life science, robotics, coding engineering, and student- directed learning. Since there is no need for programming, children as young as four years old can connect and construct their own robots. Cublets are a perfect addition to any curriculum ranging from Pre-K to High School and beyond! Want to go further in the robotic industry? Check out OzoBot. Ozobot Bit and Ozobot Evo are both easy to integrate into any curriculum – STEM and beyond. Ozobot Bit can be as fun or challenging as you make it. Simple and intuitive to use on one side, highly programmable and versatile on the other – there is something for every type of thinker, with our tiny tinker robot. On the other hand, Ozobot Evo entertains right out of the box with autonomous LED lights, sounds and movements. Evo uses Infrared Proximity Sensing to avoid obstacles and App-Enabled RC Controls to explore the world with you. Another popular product is Makey Makey, which encourages students to turn everyday objects into touchpad while combining them with the internet. It is a simple invention kit for beginners utilizing some of STEM’s main focuses such as technology and engineering. STEM is the way of the future and it is our jobs to shape that future for students and educators alike.  

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Laptops Vs. Chromebooks: What You Need To Know

Both Laptops and Chromebooks can motivate students to learn through independent study and more in-depth student discussions in the classroom. Now-a-days, Laptops and Chromebooks are more cost efficient than library books and make it easier to assess student progress.The big question that rattles everyone’s brain is always: what’s the difference? Laptops Laptops, also known as notebooks, are basically portable computers. Most everything that you find within a desktop (keyboard, webcam, mouse) are combined together to create a portable computer in a single unit. Today the term Laptop is used to Full-size Laptops, notebooks, tablets and other rugged devices. The great thing about Laptops is that you have the ability to download Microsoft and Apple applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, iTunes, and Photostop). Laptops come with a keyboard, big screen, and great screen resolution. A keyboard is essential to those who don’t like to type on touchscreens that are found on some of the newer technology (i.e tablets). Since most screen sizes are normally 13 inches or larger, Laptops provide you with a much larger screen for viewing photos, browsing the web, or creating documents. If you’re looking for a portable desktop that is capable of browsing the web, creating spreadsheets through Excel, listening to music on iTunes, streaming movies, and much more then you’re probably more of a laptop person! Quick Review On One Of The Notebooks (Laptops) Available Through Educate-Me.Net! The Acer TravelMate B115-M TMB115-M-C99B 11.6″ LED (ComfyView) Notebook is a touchscreen- Intel Celeron Processor with 4GB of memory, built in webcam, and a LED HD 11.6 inch viewing screen! This Laptop weighs a mere 4.8 pounds which makes it perfect for travel. Its unique and cool FlowCurve design along with its large precision touchpad gives this Laptop its premium look. To learn more please click here.
Acer TravelMate B115-M TMB115-M-C99B 11.6″ LED (ComfyView) Notebook

Acer TravelMate B115-M TMB115-M-C99B 11.6″ LED (ComfyView) Notebook

Chromebooks Chromebooks are essentially mini Laptops- only with different features. One of the many great advantages of Chromebooks is the price! Chromebooks can cost half or sometimes even a third of the price of a laptop, but depending on what it’s being utilized for it can come with some disadvantages. Chromebooks are powered by Google, which means you do not receive nor can you download any Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. You also can’t download any Apple applications such as iTunes or Photoshop. However, there are many different chrome applications available for download (many for free). The applications are great and many can be used offline. Chromebooks are virtually hack free- meaning it is virtually impossible for viruses and other unwanted bugs to hack into your browser. If you’re an individual who uses a computer simply to check emails, surf the web, and use some basic applications- the a Chromebook seems like an awesome choice for you. If you’re worried about the lack of Microsoft application (especially Word) Google docs is a great alternative. But if you’re someone who needs things like iTunes and Powerpoint and more advanced browsing options then a Laptop is a better investment for you! Quick Review On One Of The Chromebooks Available Through Educate-Me.Net! The Asus EeeBook C100PA-DB01 10.1″ Touchscreen Chromebook packs a big punch into a little package. This Chromebook has 2GB of storage, a 10.1″ screen, and weights only 2.9 pounds- talk about compact! To learn more click here.
Asus EeeBook C100PA-DB01 10.1″ Touchscreen Chromebook

Asus EeeBook C100PA-DB01 10.1″ Touchscreen Chromebook

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